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CITB-TCHN 643/001 et 002
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HUETBOIS is an enterprise which produces a complete range of PEFC certificate wooden logs for professional and private uses. As a lumbering company,

Huetbois is the only intermediary between
the Forest and You

On our cutting plant, we add value to the young timbers coming from the clearings in order to satisfy any of your needs, whatever the view of your project and the way you wish it. Our natural and high economic value-added and beautiful products will provide you a feeling of plain satisfaction. They are distributed in whole Europe.

Fences, borders, children playgrounds, gardenwood, tree stakes, etc. will enable you to make any outdoor landscaping and to accommodate private and public infrastructures with long term lovely solutions.

Since the Forest is our reason, since our seriousness resulted in our company’s fame, we have been supplying you with the highest quality, combining expert appraisal, know-how, technique and environmental care for more than 3 generations. 

HUETBOIS is a pledge of quality in the custom-made manufacturing and in a delivery within the shortest notice.

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We are ready to listen to you.

Les bois ronds en vrac : Nous découpons 60.000 m3 de bois chaque année à destination de produits finis et semi-finis...

Did you know that...?

HuetBois in figures

Yearly, 60 000 m³ baught, 40% to public and 60 % to private owners, in which 20 000 m³ PEFC certified  [learn more]