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Huet Bois, producer of roundwood!

Huet Bois is manufacturer of wooden fence posts treated in autoclave Class IV (salt or creosote). We produce all sizes of wooden stakes for your residential fences, garden fences, horse fences, forest fences, livestock fence, sheep fence, dog fence, ... all wooden fences! This range of wooden stakes extends to tree tutors (fruit tree staking), vine pegs, hop poles, wooden piles, ... Huet Bois is manufacturer of peeled wood or calibrated wood (turned wood, round milled wood) of any size, treated in autoclave (treatment class IV). All our fence posts and stakes are made of spruce (100% Ardennes, 100% local wood) or Acacia 

Huet Bois is also a producer of equestrian and riding equipment. We produce several models of equestrian fences. These fences for horses come with calibrated stakes with two or three rows of round heddles or half-round heddles. Our fences for horses are wood treated in autoclave with creosote (treatment class IV). With Huet Bois, you can make the ideal enclosure for your horses. We are a major producer and supplier of obstacle bars (jumping bar, equestrian jump bar). Our range of equestrian equipment also extends to boxes for horses in logs or half-round logs. 

Huet Bois produces all types of round milled wood (gauge wood) and half-round (half round) for use in the manufacture of carpentries of round logs. We are suppliers of all milled wood for the production of wooden swings, porticos and wooden modules, playgrounds, slides along roads, Vita modules (health), etc. Our calibrated poles are not only used as an Earth retainer, but also for any wooden structure (wooden chalet), wooden furniture, horse fences, obstacle bars, and of course for all the garden fittings (park and garden layout, garden furniture ...). 

Huet Bois is a major producer of wooden poles. Our electric poles (designations: EDF poles, France Telecom poles, NF C - 67 100 poles) and telephone poles are delivered all over the world. Our poles are produced in softwood (Douglas fir, pine or spruce) and are treated class IV autoclave (salt or creosote). 

Huet Bois is a historic manufacturer of foundation poles and wooden piles (beaten piles). Indispensable for water works (hydraulic works), for foundations on loose soil and for the retention of embankments and for any use of stanchion, our poles and piles made out of wood are produced in raw wood, partial peeled wood or of peeled wood (autoclave treated or not). 

Huet Bois produces custom log cabins (round log cabins). As a manufacturer, all our garden shelters (chalet garden, garden shed), leisure chalet (semi-residential chalet, round wooden cottages) and residential chalets (cottages) are built according to your wishes. We deliver our chalets all over Europe: France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, ... 

The "Huet Bois" brand is also a complete range of wooden garden furniture: table, bench, chair, hammock, palisade ... All these solid wood garden furniture is treated autoclave and is produced to last in the weather.

Did you know?

Huet Bois in figures

3000 truckloads of wood shipped each year in Belgium and in Europe. Purchases: 40% to the public and 60% to private owners including 1/3 PEFC-certified (CITB-TCHN 643/001 and 002 PEFC/07-31-90)