Sawlogs, bolts and gross timber

As a lumber company, Huet Bois sells also PEFC-certified sawing timbers from  Belgian forests to sawmills. We can offer you any timber class (2A and more) from 440 dm3 to 6 or 7 m3 per unit. We are well-known for our knowledge of very big Douglas firs and larches, and we sell all softwood classes: sprucepine, grandis, sitkas, etc., as well as poplar.  

At the source of supply, we can supply you rapidly, whatever your length and straightness criteria. The timbers are loaded onto our crane trucks. We perform deliveries throughout Europe, as well as exporting to emerging countries (by container).

Sawlogs, bolts and gross timber

The video below shows a part of our production cycle: forest operation

We have our own operating equipment: Harvester, carrier and logger. We work with subcontractors for draft-horse logging when the conditions demand this. Our fleet of logging trucks ensures that the logs are transported from the forest to sawmills (or ports for shipment by container).

We cut our logs as to meet your specific requests (to be calibrated or stripped, machined or put to sawdust or chips).

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request a quotation. We deliver throughout Europe!